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Sustainable Finance

How do you – as a company, family office , institutional investor or private investor- invest effectively into positive impacts for people, the environment society? Are you familiar with the Environmental, Social and Governance Frameworks (ESG),the impact investing frameworks and the EU Action Plan for Sustainable Finance?

Do you know how the EU Green Taxonomy, the Brown Taxonomy and the forthcoming Social Taxonomy will affect you, your products and company?

Did you know that you get better credit rating and therefore more favourable conditions at various EU Banks, if you have a sustainability certificate?

As an asset manager what is your green to brown ratio in your portfolios and your climate value at risk?

Did you hear about the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Directive and do you know whether you comply with Article 7, Article 8 or Article 9 as an asset manager? How can you benefit form the reporting frameworks most? Will it be a leverage or a legacy for you? Or are you figuring out what downsides there are for you if you do
not act?

Are you living up to the EU Action Plan for Financing Sustainable Growth? Do you need a EU Action Plan Gap Analysis of your products, company, portfolio?

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Our Solutions

Our team combines experience, ideas and expertise in the development, assessment and evaluation of sustainable and impact investments.

We offer services and structures for all sustainable and impact investmentsespecially for green, social & sustainable projects and bonds, sustainable funds and sustainability linked lending.

We initiate and support services, consultancy gap reports, certificates and forster exchange and networking on the topic of sustainable finance in various formats including our Sustainable Finance Science Sereies published by Springer Palgrave MacMillan and Taylor and Francis.

Products & Services

With our services we support Institutional Investors and in particular small and medium-sized family offices, enterprises, banks, asset managers and private investors. The main services are:

  • Sustainable Finance Reports for companies and asset managers.
  • Gap Analysis Reports
  • Impact Assessments
  • Sustainability Certificates
  • Sustainability and EU Action Plan Trainings

Frameworks for Green, Social & Sustainable Bonds and Projects

Robust frameworks, processes and structures for sustainability properties of projects, funds and portfolios.

Compass for consistent sustainable orientation of project developments including impact assessments.

Sparring & challenging your approaches to make them even more effective.

EU Taxonomy Compliance and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation(SFDR)

Patented approach to conceptualize positive impact based on the SDGs and the EU Taxonomy.

The main problem our clients (asset managers) have with SFDR Article 9 is that funds with a sustainable objective must define that objective, show how progress is being measured, and justify an appropriate benchmark. They need a compelling framework. Our approach based both on the EU Taxonomy and on the UN SDG framework allows users to set a quantifiable goal, measure progresses and design changes in a portfolio’s impact. Our benchmark are the EU Taxonomy and the SDGs, and we can track against these and financial benchmark.

We design scenarios for change (Compliance with the Taxonomy, higher green to brown ratios) and can also calculate the tracking error induced complying. Read more in our publication Theories of Change

A theory of change is a purposeful model of how an initiative—such as a policy, a strategy, a program, or a project— contributes through a chain of early and intermediate outcomes to the intended result. Theories of change help navigate the complexity of eco-social change.

Our approach is adaptable and well positioned: The SFDR is compulsory, so everyone has to report, but our approachs allows each client to create a differentiated and compliant product, allowing them to pursue their own value proposition to their customers.

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