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Products & Services

With our services we support in particular small and medium-sized family offices, enterprises, banks, asset managers and private investors in making better investment decisions. The main services are:

  • Sustainable Finance Reports – SFDR/Article 7/Article 8/Article 9 Reporting
  • Gap Analysis Reports
  • Impact Assessments
  • Sustainability Certificates
  • Sustainability and EU Action Plan Trainings
  • Backtesting


Frameworks for Green, Social & Sustainable Bonds and Projects

Robust frameworks, processes and structures for sustainability properties of projects, funds and portfolios.

Compass for consistent sustainable orientation of project developments including impact assessments.

Sparring & challenging your approaches to make them even more effective

Are you living up to the EU Action Plan for Financing Sustainable Growth? Do you need a EU Action Plan Gap Analysis of your products, company, portfolio?

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