Alexander Cox, Partner, ERM Germany

Topics: Environmental and Social Governance, Implementation, Equator Principals, Culture and leadership, governance, change management, control frameworks.



Frank Damerow, Climate Bonds Initiative, LBBW

Topics: The role of bond markets in financing the transition to a low carbon economy and achieving the IEA target of additional USD 1trn of investments a year above business as usual to avoid catastrophic climate change.



Gavin Duke, Investment Manager, Aloe Private Equity, UK

Topics: Using ESG not as a risk management but a value creation tool in Private Equity, the role and value of ESG reporting of targets, the Aloe ESG due diligence framework.



Caspar von Hauenschild, Member of the Board of Transparency International, Germany and Member of the Board of Trustees of DNWE

Topics: Business ethics, in particular with regard to banking, transparency, integrity ratings.



Silvia Kreibiehl, Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance

Topics: Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Investment requirements,
Role of private sector investors, Regulatory frameworks to attract private sector investments, Sustainable Energy for All.



Andreas Neukirch, CFO GLS Bank

Topics: Triple Bottom Line investment and finance, moving sustainability and social goods centre stage, the role and importance of cooperatives and cooperative banks in creating impact and a new market culture, new investment models based on positive impact, how indicators can support new development.



Thomas Nils Ossenbrink, CEO Bank Safra Sarasin AG, Germany

Topics: Putting environmental and social considerations centre stage in product development, putting sustainable and responsible investment into practice, the view of a practitioner.



Prof. Dr. Henry Schäfer, University of Stuttgart

Topics: Capital Markets and Asset Management, valuation of asset classes including non-financial parameters like ethics and their various components, SRI and pay for performance schemes.



Heike Schwesinger, Member of the extended Board of FidAR e.V., Germany

Topics: Diversity, women on boards, WOB indicator, business culture, leadership culture.



Rutuja Tendolkar, ERM India, Social Specialist

Topics: Implementation of ESG frameworks in the financial sector, Quantification of social risks and impacts, IFC Performance Standards and their application across due diligence, RAPs and ESIAs.

Rutuja Tendolkar


Raimund Vogelsberger, Partner, ERM Germany

Topics: IFC Performance Standards and its proliferation in the private banking sector, environmental and social risk management systems, audit and due diligence.



Prof. Cynthia A. Williams Osler Chair in Business Law and Co-Director, the Hennick Centre for Business and Law
Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada

Topics: New Investment Banking culture and the role of culture in supporting or undermining regulation, creation of a global administrative law.