Will Banks As We Know Them Still Exist in 10 Years Time?

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We are in the middle of a banking revolution that will transform financial institutions as we know them today. FintechLaides wer discussing at a SwissFinTechLadies event organized in cooperation with Microsoft, Switzerland and Eccos Impact GmbH Cham

Digital transformation for banks is a blessing and a challenge at the same time.
On one hand it might help to survive the pressures of low growth, waning profitability and tough regulation- if banks can adapt to this new reality quickly enough using fintech, ledger technology and big data analysis. At the same time new crypto-currencies are mushrooming all over the place. Transactions carried on blockchain-system do not need a third party (like a bank or a notary public) to confirm their existence or correctness.
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At Microsoft we discussed a number of questions:
Can financial institutions again come closer to the customer?
What is our vision of money?
Crypto- or FIAT Money- or both?
What is the technological, financial and organizational capacity for self-transformation of investment, finance and banking?
How will banks be able to use fintech4good?
Will they engage in climate ledger technology?

After a thriving and intense discussion we had a good chat over a drink and are looking forward to the next event on September 18 in Zurich.

Key Note Speakers after the Panel Discussion at Microsoft
From left to right: @Isabella Grayson, @Fabiola Imhoff, @Edzard Paulussen, @Karen Wendt


The event at Microsoft was just the kick off for more discussions on the future of banking in the age of digitalization.
Join for the next event “Digital Competencies in the Swiss Finance Industry” – an event in cooperation between SIF (Schweizer Institut für Finanzausbildung) and Kalaidos university of applies science.

I am looking forward to the speech from
@Dr. Bernhard Koye, @Dr.Stefanie-Auge-Dickhut, @Dr. Kerstin Windhövel, @Sacha Gysel.

Here is the programme (in German)



Please enjoy some more impressions form our past event at Microsoft