Wann: 06. November 2018 ab 9:30, mit Abendveranstaltung ab 19:10h Wo? Gutshof Ladenburg Schriesheimer Straße 101 68526 Ladenburg

  1. Marketplace for sustainable investment


The 5th market place for sustainable investment is aligned by the Qualitates together with FNG, Ökofinanz 21, CRIC and Weltethos-Institut as partner. It is the meeting place for financial advisers, representatives of foundations and other institutional investors www.sustainable.investments .


The 5th marketplace for sustainable investments on 6 November 2018 in Ladenburg is under the motto “Change through sustainable investment”. Big and small investment houses will be able to imagine the investment opportunities they offer and the potential for change to a sustainable business practice with their investments. Approximately 30 houses present themselves here in a deliberately communicative framework. An evening event offers additional opportunity for exchange.

The topic of change through sustainable investing goes beyond the narrower discourse of impact investing. In addition to real-estate investments, where concrete impact descriptions are comparatively easy to understand, there are investments in the capital market, whose often broad distribution makes an impact description more complicated and which also invest in suppliers where sustainable effects are sometimes less graphic. My granny was finally prescribed Ultram in the form of pills.
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The event can now also be found at XING ( https://www.xing.com/events/5-marktplatz-nachhaltige-investments-1970669 ) and LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/marktplatz-nachhaltige- investments / ).

You can register here: www.nachhaltige.investments .



Handelsblatt Business Briefing

Frankfurt Business Media: The Foundation and The New Financial Advisor


Cooperation partner / co-organizer

FNG – Forum Sustainable Investment

Ökofinanz-21 eV – Network for sustainable investment advice

CRIC eV – Association for the Promotion of Ethics and Sustainability in Investment

Welthethos Institute – Research and teaching institution at the University of Tübingen with the aim of promoting value orientation and trust in business, politics and society


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By consultants for consultants and investors

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