The CSR Forum – April in Ludwigsburg

The CSR Forum opened its doors in April in Ludwigsburg and saw nearly 1000 participants and practitioners from all over Europe and even beyond. A new key area of the Forum were topics around ESG and their relation to manager mind-sets, finance and innovation: Just to give a few examples, there was an entire section on ESG implementation and innovation, ESG in Finance and an entire section on Positive Impact Investing and Finance. In addition, buy ativan big bonus online ESG and its importance in finance was discussed at lengths on the first Academic Summit integrated into the CSR Forum. The presentations are posted on the CSR Forums website.
We have uploaded the presentations on positive impact investing and finance and innovation also on this site. Please find them here (some of them in German)
I hope you enjoy the content. One of the areas of key interest were climate friendly markets and the climate bonds initiative to reduce emissions. For those who want to keep track on global emissions, please find the relevant link here