TBLI Conference EUROPE

October 28 and 29, 2014 – VU University Amsterdam

At October 28 and 29, the TBLI Conference EUROPE took place at the VU University Amsterdam. Founded in 1999 by Robert Rubinstein, the TBLI intends to introduce and foster Triple Bottom Line Investing and to re-educate the financial world. The TBLI-conferences are not merely a platform to present and discuss new concepts and approaches. Attendees have also ample opportunities to network and find new business partners.

The event consisted of keynote speeches from Ernesto Sirolli and Arvind Narula, round tables with experts in the field of ESG and impact investing and 14 workshops on specific issues, ranging from “Investing in sustainable agriculture and food production” to “trends in philanthropic investing”. It became clear that, although impact and ESG generic lorazepam investing are by no means new phenomena, various actors are working with very different concepts of impact and impact/ESG investing. While some define impact investing in terms of intentionality, measurability and profitability, others take a broader perspective and specify impact as systemic change on a national or international scale. Others again, differentiate ESG and impact investing along the line of liquidity and illiquidity. The same holds for the question of measurement of impact.

For further information about the conference please read the FULL REPORT, which gives and overview and some detailed information about specific workshops.