Discovering Hands

IMG_9334_WEB_640x480Discovering Hands® is a new concept developed by the gynecologist Dr. Frank Hoffmann from Duisburg and in the meantime – a new brand. The mission of Discovering Hands® is to detect cancer in an early–stage by having palpated the breast by blind women. The Siemens Health Insurer supports and pays as one of the first health insurance company in Germany this promising method for early detection. The blind women who have highly developed palpating senses are trained and evaluated together with the Essen University Hospital. Meanwhile the method has been certified as a certified training by the Medical Association MTU.

This innovative method of early detection of cancer is a tremendous asset in the screening diagnosis. Discovering Hands® is also included in the first German Social Venture Capital order ambien from europe online Fund Bonventure. This concept proves that business and society are not opposites. If you have the right idea they can strongly support each other. The idea was to turn the particular capabilities of blind women into a strength that can service society, provide meaning to the blind women and solve the problem of early detection in a smooth, cost effective and caring manner. The service that these women provide to society is tremendous, the mission, the product, the investors, users, the health insurers, academia and the medical centres profit from it and interests are aligned.

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