Alert! Responsible Investment Banking – Editor Karen Wendt has been published by Springer International

Dear all,

I am writing to you today to alert you that the anthology Responsible Investment Banking, which I had the honor to compose, research and put together has been published now by Springer International. You can find the anthology to which more than 70 authors active in the field contributed here.
The authors stem from various backgrounds: Practitioners from the Banking and Investment industry, Multilaterals, Acedemia, Non-Governmental Organizations, Think Tanks and Advisors and Supra-national organizations.

I am grateful to Achim Steiner, Executive Director of United Nations Environmental Programme for writing the introduction to this anthology and to Dr. Rene Schmidpeter and Samuel Idowu for providing the foreword.
Let me say thank you to Springer International for approaching me for the project and the publication, to all the authors for their great contributions and dedication to the subject and also to the helpers behind the scene, who have worked with great enthusiasm on this anthology.

I hope you will all enjoy reading it. May this anthology bring new insides and acumen to the field of investment and buy discount ativan banking. I am looking to stay in touch with you all. The most important thing however is that Responsibility in investment and banking is a leadership issue. The message has to come from the top. And let me say the triple bottom line is just not enough to create responsibility. The elements of organizational culture and leadership have to source these approaches. When this happens, environmental and social issues and governance are no longer compliance issues. They are effective innovation steers engrained in the institution, its DNA and culture, enabling effective organizational learning and unlashing creativity to create solutions for the antropozene and to re-create business as providing solutions for peoples’ needs.

I am looking forward to your comments at Contact Site
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Alke Schmidt Tangled Yarns

Tangled Yarns
Sometimes fashion, investment and art go together and do have a clear message. A good example is the exhibition “Tangled Yarns”  by Alke Schmidt, which showed at  the William Morris Gallery in until 1 Feb 2015. The exhibition, which was specially commissioned by the Gallery and supported by Arts Council England, explored the politics and morality of the global textile industry and the cotton trade from the 18th century to the present day.  Each work examined a different episode in the industry’s complex history, revealing how its entire value chain was and is intertwined with issues of race and gender, exploitation and violence, and incorporating fabrics that matched the story being told.  To find these stories, Alke did extensive research, working with experts across disciplines including history, industry and labour rights, and sourcing textiles from around the world. You can find some of the research and background to the “Tangled Yarns” project in her exhibition blog 
The exhibition was accompanied by  talks and panel discussions such as “Is fashion still to die for?” which discussed  the impact of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh on the global “fast fashion” industry. 
For those who have missed the exhibition there is good news. You will be able to see  most of the art works in September and October 2015 at Cromford Mills   the world’s first successful water powered cotton spinning mills and the blueprint of modern factory production. Please find a short selection of art work here .
Seeing Alke’s art made me realise that art offers different, often more emotional and subjective, ways of engaging with the public. According to the curator at the William Morris Gallery, “Tangled Yarns”  stimulated more debate and discussion amongst visitors than any other buy valium no prescription online of their temporary exhibitions to date. Maybe we in the investment community should think about using art as an additional way of communication to raise awareness?

Two conferences in Istanbul at Bosporus University in cooperation with Responsible Investmentbanking

So we saw two consecutive events happening in May at Bosporus University, one organized by the Sustainable Finance Forum, where I was speaking about the approach to positive impact investing in the Springer anthology here and another one organized by Responsible Investment Baning and Bosporus University. At the Sustainable Finance Event we made a complete tour d’horizon from COP 21 in Paris for a renewed commitment to climate change, to the Sustainable Development Goals, following the Millennium Development Goals’ expiration and to the challenges the financial system is facing up to the solution part – positive impact investing and finance. The financial industry has been required to support sustainable business and climate friendly markets as well as social entrepreneurs. The conference showed that a global eco-system of positive impact investing and finance is necessary, embracing innovation, social entrepreneurship climate friendly markets and this means for investing and finance re- visiting existing models and bringing together academia, financiers, stock-exchange and entrepreneurs for a new pioneering in the field.

Just one week after we had a workshop event on ESG and positive Impact investing with integrated book launch – again at Bosporus University, but with a different setting and an interactive approach – organized by Bosporus University and the Life Long Learning Center alongside with Responsible Investment Banking. See programme here. I was intrigued by the high level of expertise present and intense knowledge sharing we had at this workshop event with more than 130 participants from different backgrounds: Academia and well-known professors in the field, local and international banks, multinationals, multilaterals like IFC and EBRD, international and local consultants, Global Compact, the Istanbul stock exchange and various specialists from development agencies. It was a nice interactive format and participants agreed to follow up on the event with further workshops and exchange on the subject. I am really grateful for this great event, the nice alignment of all events last month and for being part of this inspiring movement. The next workshop is planned for the end of the year following up on the results and findings of this one on ESG, risk management, innovation and positive impact investing and finance. We will publish the presentations given soon on this website and alert you in the blog. Likewise if you have any suggestions and burning topics you would like to discuss for the follow up – workshop, please let the university and myself know by sending a message via the contact form. Have a geat and inspiring time.

The onew of you that want to join the event on project finance and Responsible Investment Banking programme here forthcoming next month please register here.

Climate Bonds/Green Bonds

Approximately. 70 industry professionals attended the presentation by Sean Kidney,
CEO Climate Bonds Initiative & team followed by a panel discussion.
Compared to last year, the number of attendants doubled, illustrating the
strong interest in the climate bond segment.Attached please find the report and a presentation , which was first published at the Frankfurt
event, and  the presentation.
Lunchtime Presentation July 8th, here
the Eurozone launch of the “Bonds and Climate Change: State of the Market 2015 Report” hereThe message by investors at the event was clear. “use of proceeds” bonds are
needed, as investor demand is significant among a wide range of
institutional investors.

Besides investor diversification, issuers increasingly see other benefits
of “use of proceeds” bonds. This was illustrated by the recent sell-off /
high intra-day volatility in Bonds and other fixed income segments during
May 2015, where green bonds were easier to place in the market then
conventional bonds.

Pioneers Festival

The start up is building cargo drones for commercial and special logistics missions.
On May 28 and 29  the Pioneers festival took place  in Vienna and I had the chance to be part of  this great event.
 Dronamics convinced the jury of top investors (Fred Destin von Accel, Lior Susan von Formation 8, Marvin Liao von 500 Startups, Oliver Holle von SpeedInvest und Simon Levene von Mosaic Ventures) with their pitch about drones doing delivery and logistics services.
They beat their competitors including Opendatasoft, Promotheon Pharma, Watly, Ascribe,, Skedool, Cuckuu and Yottio.
Please find the Pioneers festival pictures here (
PIONEERS ORGANIZING THE BIGGEST STARTUP CHALLENGE ON EARTH AND STARTING OWN VENTURE FUND – Today Pioneers just announced to extend its existing challenge. In 7 ecosystems Pioneers will look for the most influential startups on earth. For each vertical Pioneers is going to partner with one major industry leader. If you want to know more the Responsible contact  is


I am really intrigued by the increasing number of great events around Positive Impact Investing and ESG happening all over the world. On behalf of the Mauricio Macri and Robert Rubinstein ,you are cordially invited to attend the first TBLI CONFERENCETM LATIN AMERICA 2015.

The event will be held in the capital of Argentina on May 28-29, under the patronage of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

The event will commence with order ativan name onnline Mauricio Macri’s Chief of Staff, Horacio Rodriguez Lar- reta, together with high level authorities from the City Government as well as from other government levels and jurisdictions.

The program addresses critical topics for investors and finance professionals who strive to better align profits with impact – with a view across all asset classes. You are wel- come to learn more about the conference program here.

TBLI CONFERENCES offer a wealth of opportunity to learn about sustainable investing and to build a strong network of like-minded investors and business partners. We invite you to share your ideas, challenges and solutions and to discover innovation and investment opportunities. So don’t miss that event. you can share ideas you have on the contact form here.

The CSR Forum – April in Ludwigsburg

The CSR Forum opened its doors in April in Ludwigsburg and saw nearly 1000 participants and practitioners from all over Europe and even beyond. A new key area of the Forum were topics around ESG and their relation to manager mind-sets, finance and innovation: Just to give a few examples, there was an entire section on ESG implementation and innovation, ESG in Finance and an entire section on Positive Impact Investing and Finance. In addition, buy ativan big bonus online ESG and its importance in finance was discussed at lengths on the first Academic Summit integrated into the CSR Forum. The presentations are posted on the CSR Forums website.
We have uploaded the presentations on positive impact investing and finance and innovation also on this site. Please find them here (some of them in German)
I hope you enjoy the content. One of the areas of key interest were climate friendly markets and the climate bonds initiative to reduce emissions. For those who want to keep track on global emissions, please find the relevant link here

Network partnership with TBLI Group

Responsible Investmentbanking is proud to announce that it has concluded a network partnership with TBLI Group. I am firmly convinced that TBLI Group is and will remain one of the leading conference providers in the field of triple bottom line investing enthusiastic about providing first hand insight knowledge through their conference programme and high quality of speakers and audience. Therefore Responsible Investmentbanking will inform about upcoming conferences in its event calendar and provide conference reviews in the blog.

Please find the upcoming events in the event calendar and directly on the TBLI website.

3rd Mission Investing Forum

GLS Bank Bochum – November 12, 2014

At November 12, 2014, representatives of German foundations, the German Association of Foundations and experts in the field discussed at the GLS Bank in Bochum about the chances, limits and risks of Mission Related Investing (MRI). At the core of this concept lies the idea, that foundations should invest in accordance with their purpose in order to augment their impact. One of the buy ativan product online results of the conference was, that there is a huge demand for an exchange of ideas, experiences and best practice examples.

For further information, please read Full Report (in German language).