Two conferences in Istanbul at Bosporus University in cooperation with Responsible Investmentbanking

So we saw two consecutive events happening in May at Bosporus University, one organized by the Sustainable Finance Forum, where I was speaking about the approach to positive impact investing in the Springer anthology here and another one organized by Responsible Investment Baning and Bosporus University. At the Sustainable Finance Event we made a complete tour d’horizon from COP 21 in Paris for a renewed commitment to climate change, to the Sustainable Development Goals, following the Millennium Development Goals’ expiration and to the challenges the financial system is facing up to the solution part – positive impact investing and finance. The financial industry has been required to support sustainable business and climate friendly markets as well as social entrepreneurs. The conference showed that a global eco-system of positive impact investing and finance is necessary, embracing innovation, social entrepreneurship climate friendly markets and this means for investing and finance re- visiting existing models and bringing together academia, financiers, stock-exchange and entrepreneurs for a new pioneering in the field.

Just one week after we had a workshop event on ESG and positive Impact investing with integrated book launch – again at Bosporus University, but with a different setting and an interactive approach – organized by Bosporus University and the Life Long Learning Center alongside with Responsible Investment Banking. See programme here. I was intrigued by the high level of expertise present and intense knowledge sharing we had at this workshop event with more than 130 participants from different backgrounds: Academia and well-known professors in the field, local and international banks, multinationals, multilaterals like IFC and EBRD, international and local consultants, Global Compact, the Istanbul stock exchange and various specialists from development agencies. It was a nice interactive format and participants agreed to follow up on the event with further workshops and exchange on the subject. I am really grateful for this great event, the nice alignment of all events last month and for being part of this inspiring movement. The next workshop is planned for the end of the year following up on the results and findings of this one on ESG, risk management, innovation and positive impact investing and finance. We will publish the presentations given soon on this website and alert you in the blog. Likewise if you have any suggestions and burning topics you would like to discuss for the follow up – workshop, please let the university and myself know by sending a message via the contact form. Have a geat and inspiring time.

The onew of you that want to join the event on project finance and Responsible Investment Banking programme here forthcoming next month please register here.