Alert! Responsible Investment Banking – Editor Karen Wendt has been published by Springer International

Dear all,

I am writing to you today to alert you that the anthology Responsible Investment Banking, which I had the honor to compose, research and put together has been published now by Springer International. You can find the anthology to which more than 70 authors active in the field contributed here.
The authors stem from various backgrounds: Practitioners from the Banking and Investment industry, Multilaterals, Acedemia, Non-Governmental Organizations, Think Tanks and Advisors and Supra-national organizations.

I am grateful to Achim Steiner, Executive Director of United Nations Environmental Programme for writing the introduction to this anthology and to Dr. Rene Schmidpeter and Samuel Idowu for providing the foreword.
Let me say thank you to Springer International for approaching me for the project and the publication, to all the authors for their great contributions and dedication to the subject and also to the helpers behind the scene, who have worked with great enthusiasm on this anthology.

I hope you will all enjoy reading it. May this anthology bring new insides and acumen to the field of investment and buy discount ativan banking. I am looking to stay in touch with you all. The most important thing however is that Responsibility in investment and banking is a leadership issue. The message has to come from the top. And let me say the triple bottom line is just not enough to create responsibility. The elements of organizational culture and leadership have to source these approaches. When this happens, environmental and social issues and governance are no longer compliance issues. They are effective innovation steers engrained in the institution, its DNA and culture, enabling effective organizational learning and unlashing creativity to create solutions for the antropozene and to re-create business as providing solutions for peoples’ needs.

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