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Sean Kidney


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Climate Bonds Initiative

Areas of Expertise
Climate bonds, green bonds, climate change

Curriculum Vitae
Sean Kidney, co-founder and CEO Climate Bonds Initiative

The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused NGO based in London. It works internationally to mobilize debt capital markets to fund a rapid, global transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy.

The Initiative advises banks, investors, governments and NGOs about structuring programs to maximize the leverage of public sector resources. That includes green investment banks, green securitization and “sustainable financial solutions” for large-scale energy efficiency schemes.

Projects include developing proposals for the European Commission’s DG Climate on Europe’s role in mobilizing private sector capital for climate solutions; helping organize the Green Bonds workstream for the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit; and working with the Chinese Government’s State Council on how to grow green bonds in China.

The Climate Bonds Initiative also runs an International Standards and Certification Scheme for climate bonds; investor groups representing $22 trillion of assets sit on its board.

An accomplished international speaker, Sean has over the past year spoken at conferences and seminars in Toronto, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Paris, Frankfurt, Utrecht, London, Casablanca, Doha, Beijing, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Sean is a director of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets and the Be Earth inter-governmental organization and was a member of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Expert Committee on Climate Finance. He was previously an award-winning marketing advisor to a number of the largest Australian pension funds and a social marketer and publisher.

Sean has four daughters and lives in London with his partner.

2013 saw a niche, thematic ‘green bond’ market become a new asset class and a talking point amongst mainstream and SRI investors alike. Over $10bn were issued in 2013 – more than triple any previous year. The development of this thematic asset class has the potential to marginally, but significantly, reduce friction and transaction costs for investors looking for a means of addressing climate change, helping to reduce the cost of capital and speed flows of that capital. This chapter describes how the growth of this new asset class can help direct capital to meet the vast financial requirements involved in a rapid transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy and sets out steps to grow the theme. I always take Ativan when I have to deliver a report or when the commission arrives at work. And I begin to take it in advance, for a week at least. And I feel wonderful! I don’t know, maybe it’s a placebo effect, or maybe Ativan is really effective. Personally, my anxiety level decreases, I stop being very nervous, I sleep normally at night. The other drugs do not give a similar effect.

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Climate bonds