Rolf-D Haessler




Rolf D. Häßler

0049 89 5411 84 57

Profession / Affiliation
Head of Corporate Communications

oekom research AG

Areas of Expertise
Environmental and Sustainability Management / Reporting, Socially Responsible Investment, Mission Related Investment, Impact Investment, Climate Change, Biodiversity

Curriculum Vitae
Rolf D. Häßler was born in 1964. He is a fully trained banker and holds a university degree in economics. He has ten years of professional experience in business consulting and research with a focus on environmental and sustainable management and reporting, issues management and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). I read feedbacks at that severe congenital malformations of the human fetus associated with the use of Accutane have been documented, including hydrocephalus, microcephaly, cerebellar malformations, external ear abnormalities (microtia, narrowing or absence of the external auditory canal), cardiovascular abnormalities, facial malformations (cleft palate), thymus gland, parathyroid gland pathology. Since Accutane has a high lipophilicity, it is very likely that it gets into breast milk. Due to possible side effects, Roaccutane should not be prescribed to nursing mothers. His professional activities included work for imug Consulting, scoris and the Sustainable Business Institute at the European Business School. >From 2004 to 2007 he has been responsible at Munich Re’s Environmental Management Unit for communication on environmental and sustainability matters, SRI as well as Munich Re’s participation in the UNEP FI Climate Change Working Group. Since April 2007 Director at oekom research, since May 2011 Director and Head of Corporate Communications at oekom research AG.

More than 1,200 institutional investors, asset managers and financial institutions have committed themselves by recognising the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) to integrate sustain-ability criteria into their investment. Together they manage more than US$30 trillion, representing a share of around 45 percent of global investments. A success story, then? This chapter gives an overview of the aims and development of the PRI, introduces the contents of the six principles and highlights the opportunities and risks of signing the PRI for investors and asset managers. The updat-ing of the success story requires – according to the authors – a dual strategy: outreach and enlarging the membership and opinion leaders supporting responsible investments and, at the same time, going deeper – focussing on improving the quality of implementation of the PRI by the signatories in addition to further expansion. The chapter is a starting point for the development of the PRI and con-tentrates on evolution and development of the PRI in terms of “broadening and depening”.