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Rai Vogelsberger

+49 6102 206 246

Profession / Affiliation
Environmental and Sustainability Consultant

ERM GmbH, Partner responsible for Project Finance Services

Definition of Responsible Investment Banking
Making investment decisions that consider the long-term (multi-generational) implications for society and the planet. We first need to develop an appropriate framework and tools to successfully achieve this objective.

Areas of Expertise
Environmental and Social Due Diligence
Environmental and Social
Risk and Impact Assessmen

Curriculum Vitae
BSc. Environmental Engineering, Penn State Univ. USA, 1981
M.A. Technology and Risk Assessment, Clark Univ. USA 1990
1982-1988: Project Environmental Engineer, ITCorporation, Pittsburgh, USA
1991-2003: Project Manager, Dames & Moore/URS, Hamburg & Frankfurt, Germany
2003- present: Partner, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

National and international financial institutions – including private investment banks, multilateral lenders and export credit agencies – can choose to adopt and implement a variety of environmental and social standards and related tools for environmental and social risk management. Some of these standards are more high-level, general commitments, while others require specific risk management measures and related documentation and reporting, as well as additional resources. But which standards and tools fit best for a banking institution and how can they be implemented effectively and efficiently within the organisation? This chapter describes the typical approaches often taken by consulting firms in helping a banking client to tackle these challenges, within the given constraints of the available budgets, timing goals and the organizational framework.

International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)

Hobbies & Social Engagement
Bicycle touring, basketball, history; involved in various social charities.