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Prof. Dr. Barnim G. Jeschke

phone: +49 89 202 452 14
fax: +49 202 452 29

Profession / Affiliation
Professor of Sustainable Management at FOM Munich; entrepreneur, business developer and consultant in the area of green technologies.

Professor at FOM Munich

Definition of Responsible Investment Banking
Investment activities demand a clear vision of the future. On the one hand, long-term business models need to be planned and appreciated with regards to their return and risk perspectives. On the other hand, active asset management calls for an anticipatory view on changes and adjustment measures throughout the investment life cycle.

Areas of Expertise
Decision-making in complex environments; decision support tools, business development for novel green technologies; venture capitalism

Curriculum Vitae
Educational background: studies of business administration at Berlin, Kiel, New York (M.B.A.); doctorate studies at Berlin and University of Maryland (Ph.D.).
Professional background: management consultant; International Marketing Director for corporations in Switzerland and Monaco; venture capitalist at Dusseldorf and Munich; start-up entrepreneur and business developer; professor at FOM Munich.

In a world of accelerating innovation cycles and expanding plurality of interests, corporate environments become increasingly complex. This is particularly true for asset management efforts, with their long-term implications and manifold impacts on investment prospects. The contribution explores the matter of business environment complexity and related challenges for sustainable decision-making. It discusses key aspects of the issue, categorises related approaches and derives criteria for complex decision support. Finally, the innovative approach of SUDEST (“Sustainable Decision Support Tool”) is introduced.

FOM, BenE e.V.

Hobbies & Social Engagement
Sports, including triathlon, ultra long-distance running; active member of BN/BUND