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Monika Schulz-Strelow

+49 (30) 887 14 47 13

Profession / Affiliation
President- FidAR – Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte e.V.

Curriculum Vitae
President – FidAR – Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte e.V.
In 2006  Monika Schulz-Strelow founded  FidAR – Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte e.V. (Women to the boards) which is a non-partisan initiative, campaigning for an increase of female board members in Germany. FidAR is the leading association in the field of more women on boards in Germany. FidAR developed a ranking that shows the number of women working in the supervisory boards in each of the 160 German quoted companies – the so-called WoB-Index (Women on Board Index). Currently FidAR is working on the “Public WoB-Index” to identify the number of women on supervisory boards in Germany’s public companies. Today I want to share with you a response about Ativan tablets. I will not say that I suffer from insomnia all the time, no. This happens to me very rarely, usually after strong emotional upheavals. It happened to me in my life literally http://geraldtparksmemorialfoundation.org/ativan-for-sale/ several times, as a result of which I could not just fall asleep. But I still need to sleep, but in such rare cases I am rescued by Ativan.
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With her company b.international group, she helps national and international investors to enter the markets in Berlin, Germany and Austria successfully. Besides business advice Monika is very active in the field of public affairs and political lobbying. Throughout Monika’s longstanding affiliation with the BAO BERLIN International GmbH, where she spent nine years on the board, she intensified the international relations for the Berlin business community and built business networks in Europe. She was member of several European networks and with her own office in Brussels she became a door opener to the European Commission.