L. Reed Huppman




L. Reed Huppman, MSc


Profession / Affiliation
ENVIRON International Corporation Washington, DC

Curriculum Vitae
Reed Huppman is co-director of ENVIRON’s International Finance practice with 30 years’ experience in applied sustainability consulting, particularly related to major international project development and finance, including corporate and project environmental and social policies and management systems. He has managed and contributed to numerous interdisciplinary studies, including environmental and social impact assessments, due diligence audits for financial transactions, public consultation and capacity building, and training in sustainable finance. His sector experience encompasses mining; oil and gas; major infrastructure projects (ports, pipelines, roads, transmission lines, hydro electric), agricultural operations, forestry and watershed management; clean production and energy efficiency; climate change; and ecosystem restoration. Reed has worked in over 45 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He is an IFC-certified trainer on the Performance Standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability, and has delivered training to a number of Equator Principle financial institutions, investment funds, private equity firms and extractive industry clients in the US, Canada, Europe and emerging market countries. Reed has worked for the World Bank in the former Soviet Republics for 4 years and was seconded for two years to the IFC. He recently authored guidance documents for the Inter-American Development Bank on how to conduct biodiversity baseline studies, prepare biodiversity baseline inclusive ESIAs, and developing biodiversity management plans. Perhaps the first test for me was that at the time of taking Accutane, the summer was just beginning and the course itself was supposed to end around the New year 2019. Accordingly, instead of spending days basking on the beach in the sun, I had to actively avoid it (even the nose could not be put out of the https://www.instituteofhomestaging.com/free-accutane/ window without a portion of powerful sunscreen). That’s how my whole summer flew by…
He holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources from the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering and a BS in Geology from Boston University.