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Katharina Serafimova

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Profession / Affiliation
Head of Finance Sector Engagement WWF Switzerland

WWF Switzerland

Definition of Responsible Investment Banking
The role of next generation bank is…
to serve a sustainable real economy to meet demands from companies and households and to assume the responsibility for short- and long-term impacts of its decisions.

Areas of Expertise
The link between sustainability, the environment and finance, with a special focus on decarbozation and sustainable commodity value chains.

Curriculum Vitae
Katharina Serafimova is Head of Finance Sector Engagement at WWF Switzerland. She works on international projects to improve the environmental performance of financial institutions. Key topics are the role of the finance sector regarding decarbonization, sustainable commodities and biodiversity. Katharina is an environmental specialist graduated from ETH Zürich. She also holds a master in business communication. Previously, she has worked as Head of Corporate Sustainability at a Swiss private bank. Before, she managed the Biogenic Resources team of Ernst Basler + Partner, a Swiss engineering, planning and consulting company. She worked with key industries, such as power production and construction, to deal with increasing demand of biogenic resources, such as wood or agricultural commodities.

Banks are only gradually starting to realise that environmental and social risks have much wider repercussions than simply the potential damage to their reputation. The conventional initiatives taken by banks in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) are woefully inadequate for tackling the global environmental challenges they currently face. It is not enough to take environmental and social risks into consideration when financing projects and developing individual ‘green’ investment products. Instead, a paradigm shift is required – in the interest of both the banks and their clients. To be properly prepared for the imminent changes such as disruptions resulting from the growing scarcity of resources or changing regulations and to be able to realistically assess potential risks and opportunities, banks must successfully incorporate environmental and social challenges into the decision processes of their core business activities.

WWF, UNEP FI, Swiss Sustainable Finance and many others

Hobbies & Social Engagement
Searching and debating for solutions for a more sustainable society, moderating events and conferences, playing music and my two kids.