Henrik Ohlsen

0049 821 4540672

Profession / Affiliation
Managing Director of VfU

Association for Environmental Managemement and Sustainability in Financial Institutions (VfU)

Definition of Responsible Investment Banking
Responsibility takes into account that social and environmental and economic systems can collapse (globally).

Areas of Expertise
Henrik´s approach to sustainability is from an reporting point of view and therefore he focuses on the implementation of international sustainability reporting standards in financial institutions and further advancing extra-financial KPIs, such as Portfolio Carbon / Financed Emissions and Natural Capital.

Curriculum Vitae
Henrik Ohlsen, born in 1979 is Managing Director of the German Association for Environmental Managemement and Sustainability in Financial Institutions (VfU). As such, he works on building the business case to stimulate banks, asset managers, institutional investors and insurance firms to better integrate sustainability and climate change factors in product-development and ESG risk management processes.
In his previous capacities in a local administration and a consulting firm, Henrik worked in the field of environmental management.
Henrik graduated in 2008 from the University of Augsburg with a Master’s degree in Political Science (Major), international law (minor) and psychology (minor)

The financial industry has been engulfed in a crisis of confidence since 2007. As a consequence, banks and insurance companies find themselves confronted with a large number of regulation and supervision mechanisms, which are further increasing in terms quantity and intensity. This impacts strategic considerations in the industry and changes the immediate prospects of success of individual business sectors and products. The authors of this paper point out that the current pressure will appear light in view of the challenges and changes of the next 15 years. With the handprint concept, they recommend an approach on how financial institutions can prepare for a future where value creation is redefined. Recent initiatives in the manufacturing industry offer examples for translating this approach to financial institutions. And also within the financial industry, new developments prepare the methodological basis for such a transfer.1
With the integrated reporting approach (IIRC 2013), a framework for the integration of non-financial indicators into reporting is being created that greatly fosters the implementation of the handprint approach. The development of such integrated reporting will, however, take time. The article therefore closes with specific recommendations for human resources development and management and suggests sector initiatives and proposals for an industry-wide, cross-sectoral cooperation. These approaches make it possible to apply the new handprint concept already now and pave the way for companies and organisations to actively invest in their future viability. Not everyone can decide to use such a drug as Cialis, but when your family collapses, all means are good. The inconvenience can be said to be insignificant, if you take https://www.spectrosciences.com/cialis-online-tadalafil/ into account the result after the reception of the drug. The erection problem seemed incurable to me. I would not recommend this drug to men who are promiscuous.

Co-Authors: Sebastian Philipps, Dr. Christina Raab

Hobbies & Social Engagement
Yoga, Jiu Jitsu, Kajaking