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Dr. Alexander Seidler

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Risk controller running the global environmental & social risk management function for the UBS Investment Bank.
UBS AG – Group Risk Control

Definition Responsible Investment Banking
Use an organization’s resources and engage in activities designed to increase profits while staying within the rules of the game which today includes not only the legal boundaries but also ethical, social and environmental impacts on and expectations of stakeholder groups.

Areas of Expertise
• Corporate responsibility
• Environmental & social risk management in an investment and banking context; special focus on metals and mining and controversial weapons issues;
• Socially responsible investing
• Human rights
• Responsible supply chain management
• Sustainability reporting

Curriculum Vitae
• 03. 2010 – today: heading the Environmental and Social Risk function for the UBS Investment Bank
• 06. 2006 – today: UBS AG, Risk Manager, Group Risk Control, Environmental & Social Risk, Zurich
• 06. 2003 – 04. 2006: University of Zurich, Ph.D. Researcher at the CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
• 08. 2002 – 04. 2003: UBS AG, Research Assistant to the Head Public Policy International Institutions, Zurich
• 05. 2001 – 08. 2001: UBS AG, Personal Assistant to the Chief Economist, Zurich
• 12. 2000 – 05. 2001: UBS AG, Research Assistant at Group Policy & Research, Zurich

• 10. 2004 – 10. 2010: PhD, Finance, Swiss Banking Institute, University of Zurich, Thesis: “Pension Funds and Socially Responsible Investing: Determinants of the SRI Behavior of Swiss Pension Funds”.
• 11. 2007 – 12. 2007: UNEP Finance Initiative Certificate, Environmental and Social Risk Analysis Program, Training program for the identification, evaluation, and management of environmental and social risks in investment and credit decisions.
• 10. 2001 – 10. 2003: MA, International Economics, Graduate Institute of International Studies, University of Geneva; Curriculum: macro- and microeconomic analysis, development and trade theory, economics of European integration, international finance and econometrics. Thesis: “Collective action problems and sovereign debt restructuring: Empirical evidence from recent cases”.
• 10. 1996 – 10. 2000: MA, International Relations, Graduate Institute for International Studies, University of Geneva

UBS, headquartered in Switzerland, is one of the world’s leading financial services companies, offering international wealth and asset management as well as investment banking services. UBS is fully committed to corporate responsibility. This commitment is incorporated in the principles and standards set out in the bank’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. These apply to all aspects of UBS’ business and the ways in which the firm engages with its stakeholders – from the products and services offered to its clients, its management of environmental and social risks, to the way UBS protects the well-being of its employees and society at large. As part of this, and in line with the firm’s endorsement of the UN Global Compact, UBS adopted the “UBS Statement on Human Rights“ in 2006, setting out the firm’s position on human rights issues with regard to its employees, sup-pliers and clients. This chapter explains how the UBS environmental and social risk framework developed over time with regard to incorporating aspects of human rights when vetting prospective corporate clients and executing their transactions. In particular, it illustrates how the UN “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework for Business and Human Rights, together with order cheapest ultramonline discourse between committed universal banks convened as the Thun Group, contributed to the successful integration of human rights into UBS’ due diligence process.

Global ESR experts in the investment banking field.

Hobbies & Social Engagement
This year its urban gardening.