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Head of Sustainable Development
SOCIETE GENERALE – GBIS (Global Banking & Investor Solutions)

Definition Responsible Investment Banking
Definition of responsibilities
Group project: (CIB, French and international network)
Sector and transversal E&S policies (14 achieved)
Internal procedures: transaction oriented (EP3 and beyond) and corporate oriented
Positive Impact Finance

Areas of Expertise
Advising and assessment of EP related deals (and beyond)
Development of “Positive Impact Finance” Products
Assessment of current “Positive Impact Finance” production of the bank

Curriculum Vitae
Denis Childs began his career at the Société Générale Group in 1978
In 1981 he moved to Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking to develop Export Credit Department that became a leader of the industry
In 1993 he created the bank’s worldwide Commodity and Trade Finance business line and integrated mining, oil and gas and power project finance that were also recognized as leaders in the industry.
End of 2008 he started a new challenge both heading the emerging and sustainable development department of the CIB and heading a Group project aiming at integrating E&S as a financial subject in all activities of the bank (CIB, French and international retail..) and developing “Positive Impact Finance”
Denis Childs holds a Masters in Law and an MBA in banking from Paris I and IV Universities.

Positive Impact Business and Finance
Abstract Positive Impact Business (PIB) has to be integrated into the mainstream strategy of Industry and Services, since the growth of the population to 9 billion by 2050 will create great business opportunities. PIB will need to address the market with the basic needs of the population (housing, access to energy and water, food security, transportation, health, education), while consideration of the limits of the Planet buy valium generic diazepam will require new technologies and business models. But the main hurdle (and that is the Environmental and Social primary responsibility of the finance community) shall be the huge anticipated long-term finance gap, at a time when the United Nations estimates the need for annual investment of between $1300billion and $9600billion. Fundamentally, that is what the creation of a successful new long-term debt PIB asset class is about.

UNEP FI – Equator Principles – ORSE

Hobbies & Social Engagement

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