The CSR Forum – April in Ludwigsburg

The CSR Forum opened its doors in April in Ludwigsburg and saw nearly 1000 participants and practitioners from all over Europe and even beyond. A new key area of the Forum were topics around ESG and their relation to manager mind-sets, finance and innovation: Just to give a few examples, there was an entire section on ESG implementation and innovation, ESG in Finance and an entire section on Positive Impact Investing and Finance. In addition, ESG and its importance in finance was discussed at lengths on the first Academic Summit integrated into the CSR Forum. The presentations are posted on the CSR Forums website.
We have uploaded the presentations on positive impact investing and finance and innovation also on this site. Please find them here (some of them in German)
I hope you enjoy the content. One of the areas of key interest were climate friendly markets and the climate bonds initiative to reduce emissions. For those who want to keep track on global emissions, please find the relevant link here

Network partnership with TBLI Group

Responsible Investmentbanking is proud to announce that it has concluded a network partnership with TBLI Group. I am firmly convinced that TBLI Group is and will remain one of the leading conference providers in the field of triple bottom line investing enthusiastic about providing first hand insight knowledge through their conference programme and high quality of speakers and audience. Therefore Responsible Investmentbanking will inform about upcoming conferences in its event calendar and provide conference reviews in the blog.

Please find the upcoming events in the event calendar and directly on the TBLI website.

3rd Mission Investing Forum

GLS Bank Bochum – November 12, 2014

At November 12, 2014, representatives of German foundations, the German Association of Foundations and experts in the field discussed at the GLS Bank in Bochum about the chances, limits and risks of Mission Related Investing (MRI). At the core of this concept lies the idea, that foundations should invest in accordance with their purpose in order to augment their impact. One of the results of the conference was, that there is a huge demand for an exchange of ideas, experiences and best practice examples.

For further information, please read Full Report (in German language).

TBLI Conference EUROPE

October 28 and 29, 2014 – VU University Amsterdam

At October 28 and 29, the TBLI Conference EUROPE took place at the VU University Amsterdam. Founded in 1999 by Robert Rubinstein, the TBLI intends to introduce and foster Triple Bottom Line Investing and to re-educate the financial world. The TBLI-conferences are not merely a platform to present and discuss new concepts and approaches. Attendees have also ample opportunities to network and find new business partners.

The event consisted of keynote speeches from Ernesto Sirolli and Arvind Narula, round tables with experts in the field of ESG and impact investing and 14 workshops on specific issues, ranging from “Investing in sustainable agriculture and food production” to “trends in philanthropic investing”. It became clear that, although impact and ESG investing are by no means new phenomena, various actors are working with very different concepts of impact and impact/ESG investing. While some define impact investing in terms of intentionality, measurability and profitability, others take a broader perspective and specify impact as systemic change on a national or international scale. Others again, differentiate ESG and impact investing along the line of liquidity and illiquidity. The same holds for the question of measurement of impact.

For further information about the conference please read the FULL REPORT, which gives and overview and some detailed information about specific workshops.

Banking of the Future – Book Launch and Panel Discussions

October 8, 2014 at Goethe University Frankfurt

At October 8, 2014, two new books – „CSR und Investment Banking“ and „Responsible Investment Banking“ – were presented at Goethe University Frankfurt. The two anthologies, edited by Karen Wendt and published in a management-series of the Springer publishing house, contain new scientific findings, innovative approaches and best practice examples. Following the basic idea of the series, renowned scholars and experts as well as bankers, managers of investment funds and representatives of NGOs contributed to the book. Some of the authors were also on the podium of one of the two panel discussions of this evening.

FULL REPORT (in German language)

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Thank you for participating in the „Banking of the Future“ Book Launch and Panel Discussion

Dear Madam or Sir,Buchmesse_2014_2192-1024x681
Dear participant,

I would like to thank you for taking part in the Book Launch of “CSR und Investment Banking” and “Responsible Investment Banking” at Goethe University Frankfurt and at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Thanks to all the attendees, sponsors, speakers, organizers and the publisher – Springer International – the event was a great success. The program and the discussions were spectacular. The broad range of perspectives and views represented in the first panel particularly pleased me. Among the discussants were board members of ethical banks, opinion leaders from around the world and an emerging markets specialist from India as well as an internationally renowned academic from Canada. Moreover, a highly respected diversity specialist and the head of the “Frankfurt School-United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Collaboration Centre for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance” enriched the panel.

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Discovering Hands

IMG_9334_WEB_640x480Discovering Hands® is a new concept developed by the gynecologist Dr. Frank Hoffmann from Duisburg and in the meantime – a new brand. The mission of Discovering Hands® is to detect cancer in an early–stage by having palpated the breast by blind women. The Siemens Health Insurer supports and pays as one of the first health insurance company in Germany this promising method for early detection. The blind women who have highly developed palpating senses are trained and evaluated together with the Essen University Hospital. Meanwhile the method has been certified as a certified training by the Medical Association MTU.

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