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Program Manager at the Climate Bonds Initiative. Role includes the drafting of and data collection for the annual market sizing report ‘Bonds and Climate Change’ as well as analysis on individual green bonds and the market as a whole.
Climate Bonds Initiative

Definition Responsible Investment Banking
Responsible investment covers many areas but from my perspective, as part of an organisation with a climate change focus, responsible investment as it pertains to climate change should ensure that all investment is in line with a 2 degree world.
This is very much a top down perspective where the primary goal is to avoid warming of greater than 2 degrees, the challenge then is to direct investment to these areas. This is different from a bottom up perspective where any reduction in CO2 is positive – the scale of the challenge requires much greater ambition that this, anything is not enough. Responsible investment means targeting this ambition.

Areas of Expertise
Climate change, environmental and social issues, bonds, equities.

Curriculum Vitae
2012 – current: Program Manager at the Climate Bonds Initiative, London
2011: SRI Analyst at Henderson Global Investors, London
2008-2010: Senior Researcher, Pension Investment Research Consultants (PIRC), London
2007: Consultant at Kaiser Associates Economic Development Consultants, Cape Town

B.Sc Environmental & Geographical Science (University of Cape Town)
B.Com Honours in Economics (University of Cape Town)

2013 saw a niche, thematic ‘green bond’ market become a new asset class and a talking point amongst mainstream and SRI investors alike. Over $10bn were issued in 2013 – more than triple any previous year. The development of this thematic asset class has the potential to marginally, but significantly, reduce friction and transaction costs for investors looking for a means of addressing climate change, buy cheap ultram drug online helping to reduce the cost of capital and speed flows of that capital. This chapter describes how the growth of this new asset class can help direct capital to meet the vast financial requirements involved in a rapid transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy and sets out steps to grow the theme

Hobbies & Social Engagement
Music, singing, reading, hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, surfing, cycling, travelling