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Alexander James Cox

M: +49 151 14 51 62 61

Partner and Head of Risk Advisory for ERM
Environmental Resources Management

Definition Responsible Investment Banking
The notion of responsible investment for me is underpinned by concept of “shared values”. This means whether you are an equity holder, employee, project lead or a local resident the investment benefits all positively and sustainably.

Areas of Expertise
ESG, CSR, Credit Controls, Implementation, Equator Principals, Culture, leadership, governance, change management, control frameworks

Curriculum Vitae
Alexander is a Partner and Head of ERM’s Central Europe Risk practice providing strategic, operational, tactical risk advisory and management consultancy services across muliple sectors and company life cycles. Alexander delivers advise and improvement programs for corporate / business unit / regional / site levels including the following risk elements, among others:

• Risk Policy including “risk appetite”
• Risk Frameworks
• Risk Assessment Program Design
• Risk Assessment Methodologies (including IPO RAs)
• Risk Registers
• Risk Capital & Modelling
• Risk Committee and Reporting Governance Structures
• Risk Incidents, Analysis and Lessons Learnt
• Risk Assessment Facilitation, Training and Communication
• Plus numerous other risk management services

Key focus on enterprise risk management, environmental, social, health & safety risks and the development of linkages across the risk disciplines back to enterprise risk management and in-house insurance programs.

Alexander has also worked in two Investment Banks as developing and implementing Operational Risk frameworks, risk assessment methodologies, key risk indicator processes, capital quantification of material risks and risk reporting processes. Furthermore, while Alexander was setting-up ERM Middle East in 2005 he was seconded for 15 months to the valium shop online Dolphin Project in Qatar and UAE as the Risk Manager for the pipelaying contractor Saipem. He managed all risk activities and provided risk based advice to the Saipem Project Management and was the risk interface to the Dolphin Energy Project Board. He has considerable experience of quantitative and qualitative risk analysis, assessment and management techniques.

This chapter explores the investment bank structure and the optimum approaches to integrate ESG into the credit risk process. The chapter also discusses key elements of building the business case for both why ESG is important and the need for closer oversight and integration into the “business-as-usual” process. It also explores how leadership, governance and culture can, or rather should be, created and maintained such that the successes of ESG integration once complete are not diminished through time. The chapter is written in the first person, drawing from the authors risk management experience over the past decade, without reference to specific institutions to allow more open expression of core issues and challenges, providing valuable tips and techniques to achieve successful change programmes.

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Hobbies & Social Engagement
Golf, cycling, travelling, trekking, wine and food